Landscape Mulches

In the southwest there is a real need to conserve water. Mulch is a great way to do that. The shavings from our peeling machines make great mulch for groundcover. We screen our mulches to produce fine, medium and coarse material for various applications. We produce plain mulch right off the peeling machines and colored mulch from the same material but colored in reds and browns. These mulches really brighten up a landscape while saving valuable water.

We produce a fine topsoil from local sources which contain composted sawdust and shavings.

We also produce a rich hummus compost which is made up of manure from a dairy farm, sawdust and shavings from our operation and in addition good alfalfa hay from local sources.

We add compost starters from the Josephine Porter Institute which makes a bio-dynamic compost which is sought after by farmers, nurseries and environmentally conscious people. Our product is a rich, hummus like soil which is rich in nutrients and water holding ability. All of our products are high quality, low priced and will surely let you look at your landscape and feel proud.