Rough Lumber Manufacturer

Barela Timber Management Co. is one of the top rough lumber manufacturers in Las Vegas, NM. For many years, we have specialized in lumber products and services. We have a long line of satisfied clients who love the work we have done for them, so you can always trust us for all your lumber services! We guarantee speedy services, affordable rates, and friendly customer service every time.

Why are we the best rough lumber manufacturer? We offer only high quality wood products while maintaining a low price. We’ve got a wide selection of types of wood for you to choose from, and we also take custom orders! Whether you want carved wood posts or classic pueblo vigas, we can design anything you want. Everything we create looks seamless and enhances the look of any residential or commercial building! If you want to add unique lumber furniture or architecture to your home, make sure that you’re going to a quality rough lumber manufacturer. Call us today for more information!