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Rough Lumber
Landscape Materials
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A Few Words About Us

Barela Timber Management Company has been actively involved in the management of New Mexico's forests since its inception in 1974. This has progressively changed to include the total utilization of forest resources in products that benefit the people who used them. 

This has become the reason "WHY" we are in business.  “To improve our environment.” The results of this endeavor have provided positive effects on the forests where we have worked. The effects include forest restoration, fire mitigation, increased timber growth, an increase in grasses and shrubs, which are beneficial to wildlife and ultimately improve both the habitat and environment.

Our specialty is round wood beams (vigas) for the southwestern adobe building markets. These are machine peeled to a relatively smooth finish with very little taper, or hand-peeled for an authentic New Mexico knife textured look. We will work with you to produce the material or look that you desire. Our experienced team works efficiently to complete your orders on time at affordable rates.

We serve New Mexico and surrounding states including Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arizona.


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