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Vigas & Latillas

Vigas and latillas are popular architectural elements in the southwest. Characteristic of Spanish Colonial and Pueblo Revival architecture, these wooden beams and smaller round peeled wood rails (latillas) are used in buildings across New Mexico and the southwest.

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Vigas are structural in their use and are graded for strength and span allowances. The greater the span, the greater the diameter of the viga. We can customize the vigas based on the job requirements.

Latillas can be laid between square or viga beams to complete the southwestern look. Latillas can also be used for fencing, shades, stair railings, and balusters.

Rough Lumber & Beams

Barela Timber Management Co. is the top rough lumber manufacturer in Las Vegas, NM. We are a custom sawmill operation capable of sawing specialty sizes to your satisfaction.  We can saw beams up to 30 feet in length and lumber as wide as 28".  We can also flat-side vigas for easy placement of decking material.  Decking material can be rough lumber or latillas whichever your preference.  If you have a special project you've been thinking about we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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We cut Ponderosa pine from our New Mexico forests. This species is useful for both wood beams and lumber and viga posts and beams. We occasionally receive Douglas fir in our yard and process this for the same uses. New Mexico forests are generally overstocked and in need of thinning. The reason for our business is continually working at mitigating the potential for wildfires and increasing the value of our forests for timber production, beauty, and wildlife habitat. 

Check out our photo gallery to get inspiration for your next project. We welcome your photos of your successes in Southwestern architecture. Please use the form below to let us know what materials you will need for your next project.


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