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We offer mulches of various types, all of which provide the benefits of added beauty and most importantly, water conservation. Mulches add to our goal of total utilization of our forest resources.

Mulch can be used in greenhouse and garden pathways, around newly planted trees, or for bedding plants. Our mulch is screened to provide homogeneous size mixtures ranging from fine, medium, and coarse to fit your application.


Our mulch colors range from sandy rust to a more vibrant deep rich rust.  Iron oxide is used to create these beautiful colors.

Super Dura Mulch
Dura Mulch


We produce a rich humus-compost that is made up of manure from a dairy farm, sawdust and shavings from our operation, and good alfalfa hay from local sources. Our compost is rich in nutrients and water-holding ability. No municipal-biosolids are used in our compost.


We add compost starters from the Josephine Porter Institute. This creates a bio-dynamic compost that is sought after by farmers, nurseries, and environmentally conscious people.

All of our landscaping products are high-quality and affordable. They are designed to help you create a landscape you can be proud of.

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